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Many of you might have heard of Seiko Luxe watches but do you know the history behind these beautifully designed watches? Seiko has been around for more than 100+ years, beginning in 1881 in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Here at Gentleman’s creative we are proud to have partnered with them this year to share with you all a few of their new launches. They are known for their three major collections including Presage, Prospex, and Astron. In this small article we are going to focus on the Presage and Prospex collections.

Presage watches offer unparalleled design, beauty and performance. Seiko takes pride in their designs taking their time on every piece that is produced. Presage dials are made by hand which takes precision and skill to craft such beautiful artistry. One of our favorite models from this collection is a limited edition watch where only 2,000 were made. It’s the SPB171 featuring a see-through case back which adds an elevated touch to the design. You can check out a few more of our favorite models from this collection below.

  1. SPB170
  2. SPB167
  3. SNR039
  4. SPB111
  5. SJE081

The Prospex collection is engineered for exploration. Seiko was the first to produce a Japanese diver watch back in 1965. They were waterproof to a depth of 150 feet but many people don’t buy these watches for there main purpose. Diver watches are famous for there unique bezels which makes them stand out from others. They can take a beating with their rugged looks and are great for daily use. We believe that a diver watch is a must have in any wardrobe for women and men. You also have the option of metal, rubber and or leather straps which gives you great versatility when pairing these with your outfits. Our favorite models from this collection are listed below. Let us know your favorite in the comments.

  1. SNR049
  2. SPB051
  3. SPB119
  4. SPB175
  5. SPB147
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